The Patrick Bateman Sigma Meme refers to a meme that uses a still image from the 2000 film “American Psycho,” in which the character Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) is shown flexing his muscles and looking intense. The image is typically accompanied by a caption that reads “When you’re a Sigma Male and don’t need to conform to societal norms.”

The term “Sigma Male” refers to a concept from the manosphere (an online subculture that promotes traditional masculinity) that describes a man who is independent, self-reliant, and doesn’t fit into traditional social hierarchies. The idea is that Sigma Males are outsiders who operate on their own terms and are not concerned with social validation or fitting in.

The Patrick Bateman Sigma Meme is often used ironically, as the character of Patrick Bateman is actually a wealthy, narcissistic, and extremely conformist character who is obsessed with status and social validation. The meme plays on the idea that some men may aspire to be independent and non-conformist, but end up emulating toxic and oppressive masculinity instead.

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